Maldives Islands is an independent country in the north-central part of the Indian Ocean consisting of a chain of 1200 coral sandbanks and islands of which about 200 are inhabited. The islands are more than 820 km in length from north to south and 130 km from east to west. All the islands are well protected by Barrier reefs and not more than 6 feet high above sea level. The Maldives is tropical heaven for beach enthusiasts. The white sand, gorgeous sky, and turquoise blue water of beaches pull tourists from around the world. Relaxing on the tranquil beaches and eyeing the last ray of sun bidding goodbye to a lovely day and welcoming the lively night is no less than a vision. Yes, even the thought of it can make you a poet at the core.

It is an excellent place for a family holiday, friend’s trip, or honeymooners. There is a lengthy list of things to do in the Maldives that can make your trip a splendid and unforgettable one. You can have a candlelight dinner with your beloved, try exciting water sports or watch dolphins in their action. We have curated a list of places to visit in the Maldives that will help you plan your dreamy beachy vacation.

Places to visit and things to do in the Maldives include:

1. Parasailing in the air

Parasailing is a spellbinding water sport and one of the refreshing Maldives activities. In parasailing, you soar high in the sky with a parachute, which is pulled by a high-speed raft. It is a spectacular experience as you feel the flow of wind on your face along with the pacifying sound of the water ripples.

Best spots for Parasailing in the Maldives: Baros Maldives, Kandolhu Island, Mirihi Island, Bathala Island

2. Troll through the Maafushi Island

Maafushi is a very pleasant island with tons of activities to keep you engaged as well as space to unwind and sunbathe. This one is very favourite between families and tourists as there are many lavish resorts and clean ocean waters. They love spending time enjoying catamaran drives, scuba diving, snorkelling and island tours.

3. Banana Reef

Banana Reef is a promenade of ornate caves, overhanging cliffs, soft corals, bold marine life, and then some adventure. It is famous for rich water games like diving and snorkelling. The view is heavenly– different size plants, unique textures, shells and rocks– shrubs and ferns – few look like spaghetti, while others like fungi – all make this a special place.

4. Walk on the stars at Mudhdhoo IslandThis

This island is a photogenic inhabited land known for awesome bioluminescent visible under night skies. It also boasts of beautiful beach resorts which offer the best hospitality services. It is also known as the ‘Sea of Stars.’ Take a serene walk along this glow-in-dark beach to witness the magical view and feel as if you are walking on the stars.

5. Explore the beautiful and vibrant islands

The Maldives has a lot of beaches and captivating islands for a kickass vacay, some of them are:

  • Thodoo Island is splendid oval-shaped and known for watermelon production. Tourists here love experiencing lively markets and enjoying mouth-watering seafood dishes.
  • Maradhoo Island is blessed with bountiful coconut and palm trees on peaceful and calm beaches.
  • Sun Island is well known for Sparkling clean beaches.
  • Alimatha Island offers canoeing sports in clear and calm waters.
  • Halaveli Island is best known for its natural landscape beauty which Pampers and relaxes your mind and body.

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